Does it always seem like others grow bushels of wonderful tomatoes... while you're stuck slaving away looking for a single tomato to come ripe?  If so...

Great News!  

Now You Can Discover The Secrets To Growing Awesome Organic Tomatoes

​That Bountiful Harvest You've Dreamed Of Will Be A Reality, Right In Your Own Backyard!

-- by Tina Hull ​

​Dear Friend and Fellow Tomato Lover,

​Are you fed up with paying top dollar for bland, mass-produced, poor quality tomatoes? If you want only the best tomatoes for you and your family, then this will be the most important letter you'll read all year.

For decades I've been mastering my tomato garden... troubleshooting problems, surviving and fixing my mistakes, and learning all that I can from every avenue I encounter. I figured that after all those years of trial and error that I'd finally reached my goal and perfected my tomato growing, but something was missing. I still didn't feel fulfilled.

Now I'm certain that this journey hasn't ended. It would not only be foolish, but selfish to take these years of experience to the grave with me.

A Backyard Tomato Enthusiast Who Has Mastered Growing Organic Tomatoes Effortlessly

I know how great it is to bite into a tasty tomato, especially knowing exactly where it came from.

Not to mention, you deserve the best. Surely you want to treat your body right and to provide your family with only the finest.

Now, you can be certain that you will be putting only the crème de la crème of tomatoes into your favorite recipes... and the supermarket won't be robbing your wallet of that precious green you need to survive in today's struggling economy.

With the help I'm offering you, growing loads of succulent tomatoes will prove to be quite simple. There won't be anymore guesswork. You'll have all the information you'll need to guarantee the success of your tomato garden.

​You're going to learn what to look for, what to do, and how to do it.

​So Why Is This So Important?

​Because today I'm offering you a book that will shed all the light you'll need on what it takes to experience ultimate success in the art of growing tomatoes.

I say art, because that's how I've molded tomato growing into my life. I've turned the practice of tomato growing into something more than just gardening.

Not only will you have the tastiest tomatoes on the block, making you the envy of everyone else with a tomato garden, you will have the biggest harvest ever.​

This book was written with the sole intent of bringing you ultimate success in growing your own delicious tomatoes right in your very own backyard... and best of all, with no worries!

Has your tomato garden fallen victim to unwelcome critters or pests? Or maybe you've wanted to rip your hair out after realizing that your whole tomato crop is covered with mushy dark spots.​

​These are just a couple of common problems that many gardeners have and among many others that are thoroughly discussed in this must-have eBook.

Hopefully problems like those haven't stopped you from growing tomatoes altogether, and if it has, it's time to get back in the game and grow a trouble-free tomato garden. It's just a matter of knowing some very basic information that unfortunately doesn't come with your tomato seeds or plants when you buy them.​

  • ​So how do you know what to do?
  • How do you recognize and prevent problems with your tomato garden?
  • And if it's too late to prevent, how can you fix it?

    ​These are just a few of the questions that will be answered!


    ​This ebook is coming to your rescue...

    It is the golden rule book of tomato growing, with knowledge that's been compiled from decades of experience, from select master gardener's sharing priceless knowledge (the ones who shared the same ideas as far as spreading the organic way of gardening around the world), and from much trial and error.

    But Lucky You...

    You don't have to live through the same tomato growing hardships that I did.​

    You will now have the pleasure of skipping over embarrassing and devastating faux pas.

    My personal gardening journal is now an OPEN BOOK! You get to reap all the benefits that took me years to compile and master... and for you, growing tomatoes will be a piece of cake.​

    Not only did I have the honor of learning from many master gardeners, I couldn't have done it without the many wonderful childhood memories of helping out with my grandparents' garden.

    In their childhood, growing your own vegatables was just how things were done, so it was only natural for them to continue that lifestyle throughout their adult lives. For that, I have much gratitude since I took part in planting, tending, harvesting and even canning their garden vegetables with them.

    Way back when, as a novice gardener, I endured a lot of trial and error.



    ​Just two of the big no-no's that had me frustrated.

    Well, I lived, learned, and didn't make the same mistake twice. Just like life, tomato growing wasn't any different.

    I've made growing my own vegetable garden a priority, a necessity. It's become second nature for me and I believe that the knowledge I've accumulated throughout the years really doesn't do me much good anymore unless I can pass it on to those who share this common interest.

    People like you!​

    I'm offering you a must-have package of valuable information that most gardeners would prefer I kept secret.

    This stuff is golden. It's what keeps successful tomato growers all over the world growing the best tomatoes possible.

    I've devoted years of my life to perfecting the art of growing tomatoes, not only through trial and error, but through some of the more light-hearted master gardeners who were kind enough to let me in on their secrets.

    Even though I'd seen their awesome gardens and tasted their luscious tomatoes, I had to test their advice out for myself. Just to make sure they weren't sabotaging me (ha-ha).

    And, they weren't. I was as​tounded at how accurate their tips were.

    Now that you'll have this invaluable information at your fingertips, you'll have nothing left to worry about when it comes to growing tomatoes.

    Here's What You Will Discover

    • You’ll discover savory new tomato dishes that will impress your family, guests, even impress your own taste buds.
    • Learn which varieties of tomatoes are naturally resistant to specific bugs and diseases.
    • Know how to grow your own tomato plants from seed, in your own home, and understand why this is so very important to your tomato growing success.
    • Learn about the tomatoes shocking history, and the struggle the tomato endured to become acceptable for human consumption.
    • You’ll see why it’s so important to eat organically, and the best way to ensure that you are is by growing your own fruits and vegetables. Now you’ll know exactly what you’re putting into your body (and feeding your family, friends and neighbors).
    • Discover what gardening can and will do for your emotional state… how gardening can help you escape from everyday stress.
    • Take the guesswork out of planting and transplanting time. Never again will you put your plants in the ground before the ground is ready. (One good frost can kill your plants).
    • Gain multiple tips on how to harvest before everyone else and still get amazing results.
    • Understand the importance of applying mulch to your garden, and the many benefits your plants will gratefully receive.
    • Know what your plants need for not just adequate nourishment, but for extreme nourishment. The more you nurture them, the more they’ll nurture you.
    • Identify diseases on foliage and fruit so that you can properly manage the situation…(you’ll have the upper hand if you just follow the guidelines for choosing varieties that are trouble-free).
    • Learn techniques to eliminate troublesome insects and pesky pests (don’t let your garden be the local rodent’s smorgasbord).
    • Learn how to stake your plants properly so you don’t risk destroying their roots.
    • Know how to water your tomato plants so you don’t end up with blossom end rot, fungus, or soil borne diseases.
    • Get helpful tips on how to safely preserve your tomatoes so they’ll last year round.
    • Learn how to save seeds from your favorite tomato plants. They aren’t the easiest seeds to gather but when you find a tomato plant you had great success with, or a tomato that was “to die for”, then you want to make sure you can reproduce them next season.
    • Discover fun tomato facts that you never knew about. You’ll impress everyone with these little tidbits of knowledge.
    • Get great ideas on starting a garden journal. This will be a great reference for you in your years of future tomato gardening. You’ll see how to get some great therapy and ways to share this experience with your family. How to Not get faked out by the competition - Like any good poker player, they might not be showing you their whole hand.

    I truly wish I had a book like this years ago before my tomato growing adventure started.

    As I'm sure you've noticed, this audio and transcript is packed with information to help you choose the right market today. If that's not worth the price of a value meal at your local restaurant, then I don't know what is.

    The Missing Puzzle Piece On My Tomato Growing Journey...

    My eyes were opened when it came to the emptiness I still felt as far as growing my tomato garden was concerned. This last summer I had an unexpected experience that brought such joy to my heart that I decided I needed to share my tomato growing expertise with others who can and will appreciate it. That’s when this eBook idea was born, and I recognized it as the missing piece to the puzzle.

    Last year my girls and I went to visit my sister and her family out of state. We brought some of our scrumptious homegrown garden goodies with us. Her family was pretty excited that we brought them… almost as excited as they were to see us.

    I didn’t know this when I packed, but her family had been participating in a local co-op, so every week they’d go pick up their organic veggies. Unfortunately, they weren’t always impressed with their weekly take home.

    Her family is extremely health conscious, watching every little thing that they eat and making sure the kids aren’t eating any artificial ingredients of any sort, so to be able to bring them some of my garden winnings felt great.

    My sister tried a bite of one of my tomatoes and she was amazed.

    She said it was the tastiest tomato she’d ever had and couldn’t wait for her husband to come home and try one.

    I didn’t realize what a hit they’d be, so sadly I didn’t bring nearly enough to satisfy the demand (though I could’ve).

    Her husband barely made it in the door from his 9 hour office day before my sister had rushed him into the kitchen, insisting that he try a bite of this tasty organic morsel.

    Without hesitation, he bit into it, leaning forward so he wouldn’t get any tomato juice on his crisp white shirt. The look on his face said it all, as his lips grew a wide smile. “Man…hon…where did these come from?”

    “Sis grew’em.”

    He gave me a friendly punch in the arm. “Not bad for a girl,” he laughed. “But seriously, this is what a tomato should taste like!”

    It felt great… I couldn’t believe how much pride I felt, getting praise for growing the best tasting tomatoes they’d ever had.

    And here, they’d been paying good money to participate in the local organic co-op. I felt a little bad, noticing their disappointment in what they’d been getting from the co-op.

    I hadn’t brought them to show off, just to share.

    That was the moment when I truly grasped what I’d accomplished, as far as mastering tomato growing. For me it was an art instead of a science. Science doesn’t have feelings… art does… and I have feelings attached to what I grow.

    How could I not share this with the world? This is what I hope for you, and am sure you’ll succeed.

    Garden Without The Gamble

    ​Worries about your garden will be a thing of the past!

    Not only will the worries be removed, but your tomato garden will be full of scrumptious tomatoes. PLUS… you will be getting (if you take advantage of the opportunity) plenty of physical and mental exercise.

    Gardening has been a tremendous therapy for me. When I’m working… (well really playing)… in my garden, my problems melt away. I don’t have to dwell on any hardships or negativity that the day has confronted me with. I can let it go, and focus on my garden. I focus on nurturing my plants; giving them the TLC they need to thrive.

    This book makes growing tomatoes very simple. It minimizes mandatory time spent in the garden, allowing for more relaxing time in the garden or anywhere else for that matter.

    The chore of pulling weeds (part of my garden therapy), for instance, might actually be eliminated (though it’s one of the most therapeutic garden activities I enjoy, even though there aren’t many weeds left to pull). However, weed pulling is replaced with preventive measures, which are also very healing on a hectic day.

    Just spending a little time every evening, checking on your garden’s progress, meditating in your garden or talking to your plants, can release a ton of stress. If you haven’t already practiced this regularly, you may amaze yourself.

    As far as these simple yet necessary garden secrets go, you are guaranteed to be satisfied with what they’ll do for your tomato production.

    Many gardeners like keeping these tricks of the trade a secret, giving them the upper hand when it comes to growing the best tomato crops possible.

    Now, you can learn them all.

    And what’s so great is the journey. Your final outcome will be magnificent, but like life, it’s also about the road that gets you there, and what you choose to make out of your own personal gardening experience.

    You don’t have to dream about that perfect tomato garden anymore.

    With this eBook available for your reference, you’ll have the all the knowledge you’ll need to give you the confidence for success.

    This is written with only the best intentions and to offer you the best experience you could possibly have growing your own organic homegrown tomatoes.

    "You Risk Nothing!"

    The great part about this offer is that you risk absolutely nothing when purchasing this eBook.

    I am so certain that you will succeed that if anytime in the next 60 days I will give you your money back if you aren’t completely 100% satisfied.

    This eBook full of all the knowledge you need to grow the best tomatoes in the world is valued at $49.95.

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    You Save Over $20

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    In today’s struggling economy, a penny saved is a penny gained. These great secrets are going to save you money where you didn’t think possible. You can still play in all your garden without going broke.

    Don’t worry about breaking your piggy bank to keep your garden up with the Jones’. These fabulous money saving secrets will have blow you away.

    These secrets are valued at $19.95, but with today’s economic stress, they’re yours, FREE! It wouldn’t make sense to sell you ways to save, would it? Not in today’s economy!

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    Order now while this letter is right in front of your eyes. It would be a shame to pass up this awesome deal. The results you get from simply ordering this book will amaze you, not to mention everyone else who has the privilege of tasting your scrumptious tomatoes!

    Don’t let this offer pass you by. Time is of the essence!

    You Have Nothing To Lose… Just Tons Of Tomatoes To Gain!

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    God Bless,

    Tina Hull​

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